Willie Price Lab School

The University of Mississippi

ProCare App for iOS

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ProCare FAQ:

If checking out children early, should we call first or go through the App?

Please always call the front office (662-915-7444) when checking out children. When you arrive, you will sign them out through the App.

What will the process be for drop off and pick up? Do we scan a QR code or check in on another specific spot on the app?

Parents need to make sure that their location is turned on through the app
Settings>Privacy>location services and turn it on.

Should we switch communication with the teachers to the App versus email?

We ask that parents please use the App to communicate with the teachers. Please allow them ample time to respond. Teachers will only respond to messages during rest time or afterschool.

Will we receive weekly e-mails with updates and menus, or should we refer to the app for this?

You will still receive weekly e-mails from williepr@olemiss.edu

How do we get log-ins for grandparents or parents?

Each account has a four-digit code for each person that they have on file as an authorized pick-up for their child.  Those people will ask for the QR code and use that pin # to sign the child in or out. Authorized users will need to download the ProCare App.

Are we supposed to check in/out our child every day on the App or just when they are late?

You will sign your child in and out each day.

When we are picking up other children from Willie Price, along with our own children, how do we sign them out?

When multiple children are carpooling, we will sign out the other children riding with friends on the front tablet. Please make sure the office is aware of these carpool situations.