Willie Price Lab School

The University of Mississippi

Willie Price Lab School

Choosing a school for your preschool child is one of the most exciting and challenging decisions you will make in these early years. We look forward to meeting and serving you.

Willie Price:

  • provides preschool experiences for children who are three or four years of age by September 1st of the enrollment year.
  • is located on the first floor of Kinard Hall on the campus of The University of Mississippi.
  • is operated by the School of Education and licensed by the Mississippi Department of Health.
  • provides practical experiences for students enrolled in courses taught through the University as well as an on-site location for faculty and student research.
  • is open to preschool children from the University and the surrounding community.

What Parents Love about Willie Price

“Under the care and guidance of her teachers and assistant teachers in the “duck” and “monkey” classes – Ms. Alden, Ms. Whitney, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Alyce, and Ms. Joy – Marie has thrived academically. The pace at which she has mastered foundational literacy and mathematics skills has been breathtaking to witness. We have no reservation about how well-prepared she is to walk into a kindergarten class next fall. Every morning as I pulled away from the school, I knew she was in a place where she was as loved and as cared for as she is with her family (and I know she felt that way too). There is nothing greater that any school can offer than this. We could not be more pleased with Marie’s experience there. Over the past two years, Willie Price exceeded every expectation. We wish every school our children ever attend could be like Willie Price. It is truly a special place. Thank you for making it so.”

-Mike and Jeanne Henderson